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Khao khop - Puffed rice

In Laos, puffed rice is prepared with leftover sticky rice. It is used either to flavour salads (no hien) or as a basic ingredient in a mousseline. It can also be eaten as a sweet treat if made into patties and drizzled with syrup.


cooked sticky rice

oil for frying


Grain the rice and let it dry for one day on a tray in a dry and ventilated place, turning it over after a few hours. Drying in the sun is ideal but not compulsory.

Once the rice is perfectly dry, fry it in small quantities in oil at 170°C for 3 minutes or until golden brown.


"The presence of mould indicates that your drying method is not suitable (place too humid, temperature too low, ...). This rice is unfit for consumption. "

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